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Zain Ashraf Mughal and his profile

Zain Ashraf Mughal

Zain Ashraf Mughal is an outstanding Pakistani when we talk about youth who have contributed something of significance in the world of social entrepreneurs. Zain is the brains of Seed Out, a registered Non-Profit organization that helps in micro finance the people who are left in the dust, the people who are too poor to reach out to social media outlets or crowd funding for their ventures. Seed Out allows people to choose which entrepreneur to sponsor through donation, zakat or sadaqah and Seed Out will do more than just give the deserving people the money, he and his team will personally help these people to start their enterprise and get their business off the ground by helping provide them with appropriate training and guidance through a mentor to help put these people on the right track towards a better future.

Seed Out is a crowd funding platform that targets the people who don’t have the facility of giving their pitch or ideas to banks or other sponsors, Seed Out helps connect potential entrepreneurs who are most commonly indigenous to the rural areas of Punjab to potential angel investors who would be able to help them achieve their goal of starting their enterprise.

Seed Out helped in making the hopes and dreams of 50 Entrepreneurs in 2014 while just keeping his operations in Punjab a reality, Zain is working hard to expand his operations to other provinces of Pakistan in the coming future. Along with Seed Out, Zain also has a number of other projects under his belt, such as; ivoke, A digital solution provider (ivoke managed to be one of the top 100 startup’s in 2014 on a global scale, and went to Dublin in recognition for it) The software house is better known for their cloud book-keeping web app, eccountant. Zain is also an avid Polo player, he has recently entered an agreement with USA’s San Antonio polo team and later in 2015 will be part of an unprecedented event in the world of Polo (for Pakistan), Zain will be a part of the USA Vs. Pakistan Match as a fund raiser for Seed Out.

Zain graduated from the University of Miami, USA and majored in Entrepreneurship in 2011. His entrepreneurial journey started when he came back to Pakistan after his graduation. He has won several business idea competitions in various platforms and his vision for Seed Out was also awarded Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Programme Award.

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