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Veet Miss Super Model 2015

Veet Miss Super Model 2015 has come to an end with Jezmine Kiyani  as the winner. The new talent harvester show held its grand finale on Tuesday at The Palm Marquee, in Karachi.

Judges included fashion designer Rizwan Beyg, stylist Nabila of Nabila’s Salon and fashion photographer Tapu Javeri. The overall glamour quotient of the evening was spruced up by Goher Mumtaz and Zoe Viccaji, who sang their hearts out.

Eleven contestants walked the ramp, oozing with confidence. Each participant’s modelling potential shone through. The contenders were divided into three teams under three leading icons of Pakistan — Fayezah Ansari, Mehwish Hayat and Cybil Chowdhry. The veterans served as mentors to train and groom the contestants.

Judges narrowed down their favorites to three contestants: Hira Ejaz from team Fayezah, Hira Hussain from team Cybil and Jezmine Kiyani from team Mehwish. Following the selection of these contenders, each one of them appeared before the panel and to answer a series of questions.

Up next was Ejaz and Nabila asked her, “If you dropped an earring on the floor of the ramp, what would you do?” The contestant answered, “If I lost an earring on the ramp, I would move forward, knowing too well I have lost the earring now.”

 Veet Miss Super Model 2015

Moving on, Beyg asked Jezmine if modelling would be a full time career for her? “Absolutely not, there are so many other things a model can do,” she answered.

She elaborated saying, “One needs to move forward and not stand still, knowing there is a lot to do, such as  moving towards acting. Besides I would want to venture into shoots, be it TV commercials or ramps”.

Before putting an end to the round of questions, Javeri gauged Jezmine’s reaction if she lost the contest. “One needs to remain content with what one has, no matter what the circumstances are. If I win or lose, that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I am content,” Jezmine confidently replied.

When Jezmine was crowned winner of the pageant, the camera crew instantly surrounded her in a huddle as the young starlet basked in her moment of glory. “I am always in doubt when I win such a slot. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this win. Even tomorrow, I’ll reflect back and think whether I truly deserved this win,” Jezmine said in her closing speech for Veet Miss Super Model 2015.

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