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The Intern is not a love story. It is a workplace tale, a tale of a 70-year-old retiree, Ben, who goes on an internship for the 30-something CEO of an online retail startup. On the other hand, CEO Jules is a burdened career woman. The founder and president of About The Fit, a Brooklyn-based online couture retailer in the mold of Net-a-Porter, she’s a Type A micromanager who has trouble leaving even customer service calls in the hands of her eminently capable employees. When her patient deputy (Andrew Rannells) announces that she’s to be assigned an assistant via the company’s newly-introduced senior intern program, she takes it as a personal affront.

The supporting cast is also appealing, even if some of their roles are very thinly written. But there’s a vacuum at the center of the film that becomes increasingly problematic: Jules is, at first, reluctant to take on Ben as her intern, but she quickly realizes his value, so there isn’t a lot of conflict to enliven this central relationship.

Writer-director Nancy Meyers’s ”The Intern” box office luck should be healthy, even though the movie offers more frustrations than rewards to discerning viewers of any age or gender.

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