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Blake lively as adaline

The Age of Adaline

29-year-old Adaline discovers she’s unable to physically age after a near-fatal car accident in the 1940s. Something to do with molecular ionization, umm okay.

So, terrified of her secret being discovered by the authorities and turning her into a laboratory experiment, Adaline resolves to change her name, home town and appearance every 10 years.

Blake Lively with Michiel Huisman

Fast forward to the present and Adaline – now called Jenny – is living a quiet life working in a San Francisco museum and caring for her daughter. Although she has avoided relationships, Jenny attracts the romantic attentions of a millionaire called Ellis who is very persistent. But just as she warily starts to let him into her life, things get weirdly awkward when she meets his dad, William, whom she dated more than 40 years before and stood him up when he was about to propose.

For a movie about someone unable to age, it’s noticeable that you can actually feel wrinkles appearing on your forehead as we trudge wearily from one moment of uninteresting action to the next. In short, this movie is about as much fun as osteoporosis. But if you are a fan of soppy love stories then you will enjoy it (I think).

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