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Soonam Kapoor doesn’t want to work with dad Anil Kapoor

The actress Soonam Kapoor has just logged into the IN Rs 200 crore lounge with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and she is excited to keep going with the same momentum, however the Kapoor girl is apparently not interested to work with Senior Kapoor, Anil Kapoor.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, both Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor spoke up about their in-house dealings saying that they are normal people like others and have a normal life where we got lots of things to discuss with each other.

But when asked “Why Anil Kapor is considered a game-changer?” the veteran actor went on to say that he is a kind of person who never gets into planning anything, it just happens.

Categorically denying the impression that he makes movies to cast his daughter Sonam in the projects, he said that I never favored her this way, I am objective to making my choices, and whenever Sonam appeared in my film it just happened by chance.

Responding to a question about Sonam Kapoor’s marriage, the father and daughter both were seemingly on different pages as the latter wants to get married by choice with a person who she think will keep her happy but Anil Kapoor stated that she will never get married with a wrong person just because she wants to get married.

“Soman Doesn’t want to work with me,” this is how Senior Kapoor responded to a question whether they would ever work together in a film or not. However Sonam Kapoor said it all depends on the script, that what roles we are being offered to do in the film.

At another moment Anil Kapoor said that Sonam Kapoor never gives me any fashion tip but my daughter Rhea Kapoor has always something to tell, adding that our family is not always doing research about such things

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