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Shan Shahid

Shan Shahid is a Pakistani actor, writer, model, and director. He has spent two decades in Pakistani cinema and has around 500 films to his credit. He is one of the most popular face of Lollywood. Shan has established himself as the leading actor of Pakistan.

Armaghan Shahid better known today as Shan Shahid was born in Lahore to director Riaz Shahid and television, theatre and film actress Neelo. His father was a Punjabi Muslim whereas his mother was Punjabi Christian. His paternal uncle Fiaz Shahid was a cameraman and producer for PTV in Islamabad. He started out his early education at the prestigious Aitchison College. His first acting venture came out at a boy scout bonfire. He won the best actor award in a play called Alif Noon, playing a comedy character, but never took acting seriously as a career. After Aitchison, he left for New York, United States and joined Newtown High School. Dreaming of being a lawyer, he always thought he had the talent to become one. He stayed in New York for seven years, then returned to Pakistan for vacation where he took up the family business, Riaz Shahid Films.

Shan started his acting career in 1990 by making debut in Javed Fazli’s film Bulandi opposite to Reema Khan and till now he is still active. His movie Waar was the most hit film which got praised from all around the globe.

He has won many awards in Pakistan including one Pride of Performance, four National Film Awards, fifteen Nigar Awards, five Lux Style Awards, one Pakistan Media Award, ARY Film Award.

He is married Amina Shan and has four daughters: Bahisht-i-Bareen Shan Shahid, Fatima Shahid, Shah Bano Shahid, and Raanay Shahid,


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