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Scott Disick aka LORD D HAS MOVED ON!

OMG!! More Kardashian drama! Lord D has already moved on. While both Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are getting on with their lives following their split, it seems that Scott didn’t bother playing around.


The 32-year-old, Scott Disick is back to his old partying ways in NYC, reportedly out until 6 a.m., aka the wee hours of Thursday morning.

He wasn’t alone though. Scott Disick was spotted with a leggy mystery blonde apparently throughout the entire night. First, they left the Trump Soho hotel on Wednesday afternoon, before going to a local bar (you can see a shot of them above) with a large group of friends, a house party, 1Oak nightclub, and eventually, Soho House.

It was at 1Oak that a source witnessed: “They were hanging out in V.I.P., and he seemed pretty into her. They were sitting pretty close – he had his arm around her, and they were cuddling. He was getting drinks for her. They were together most of the night.”

As for whether he was having a wild night, though, the same source shared:
“He was just sipping on Cokes all night. He didn’t seem like his usual ‘Scott Disick’ self. He was being pretty chill.”
Sigh. Regardless, we can’t imagine Kourt will be too happy to hear about this.

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