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Pickle can reduce your worries

Problems are the part of life and it is also famous that without worries one cannot get the real taste of comfort and happiness.  Sometimes we have to face the high-pressure situations like meeting new people or answering probing questions, sitting for an exam or giving a job interview and at that time we are much anxious.

So don’t worry now because scientists have found out a technique to “potentially help people overcome social anxiety”. The research, which is published in Psychiatry Research, was conducted on the lifestyle, exercise and dietary habits of 700 college students and revealed that pickles (including pickled cucumbers and our desi achaars) hold probiotics and bioactive peptides that assist lessen anxiety.

It was inquired that how do pickles facilitate people de-stress? The study has found a close connection between anxiety and our gastrointestinal system. The probiotics discovered in pickles and further upheaval foods (including Greek yoghurt, kefir and kimchi) lessen gut irritation, a famous cause of stress-inducing hormones in the body.

The important question here is that can conquering worry be as easy as eating pickles? Perhaps not, tells Reid Wilson, writer of Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks. The food which is fermented can assist populace practicing apprehension just to a certain extent, but when these signs get constant, an appointment to a psychologist turns obligatory.

Matthew Hilimire, who is also a researcher states that in taking fermented food can lessen but not eradicate apprehension totally. It is questioned that how many-fermented foods should people intake, the he recommends that for now, “more is better”.

A good omen is that in Pakistani dastrakhan it is mandatory that there should be an assortment of achars, chutneys and raita. Pickles provide energy and turn the mood better.

So decorate your dining table with a verity of pickle and enjoy the mood and let the worries fly.

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