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Paris – Hot Chocolate Couture on the runways

French are known to be the masterminds behind exquisite couture for a reason. They love experimenting with their clothes and desserts and sometimes even like mixing the two together to create something deliciously beautiful. This time was no different. The models seen on the runway in Paris were dressed in their usual fancy attire but what made their couture gowns and short dresses stood out were the embellishments and embroidery on the dresses made out of chocolate. Yes, we are talking about pure edible chocolate!

Corsets were  decorated with chocolate roses or butterflies and chocolate-splattered skirts sashayed down the runway of Paris — designs resulting from a collaboration between stylists and chocolatiers.

French chocolatier Jeffrey Cagnes said his design, a chocolate corset covered in red and gold chocolate coins tied up with red ribbons, was inspired by ladybirds.

“The dress is all in chocolate, it is a true sweet,” he said. “The difficulty with it is to keep it in place for a long time, it is hot in here, it lasts a short while and starts to melt.”

The fashion show in Paris marked the opening of the Salon du Chocolat, which gathers top chocolatiers, pastry makers and confectioners to show off their work.

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