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Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

The opening sequence of MI5 with Cruise dangling on the outside of a military aircraft certainly helped setting the tone of the movie because afterwards it is just a roller coaster of jaw-dropping action sequences that had us sitting on the edge of our seats. Tom Cruise has once again proved that he has not lost his charm and made sure that we know that too by going to every extreme to counter the greatest dangers his character faced in this film.

mission impossible rogue nation cruise dangling from the aircraft

The plot revolves around the disbanded IMF, search for an anti-IMF organization called the Syndicate and Ethan Hunt trying to stop this terrorist organization’s plans with a lot of car and motorbike chasing, underwater action, a vertiginous skirmish at the set of a Viennese opera, a couple of assassination fails and the usual helping of rappelling on flag poles and pipes.

mi 5 rogue nation bike chase

Even though MI5 is another glossy, handsomely shot action-oriented espionage thriller it still has an impossible mission of surpassing its predecessor MI4 which was a spirited mix of high-octane action, nosebleed-inducing high stakes and breath-catching suspense.

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