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MI5 and its Futuristic Technology

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and some of the most absurd technology moments from the new film.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Underwater USB StorageMission Impossible 5's underwater storage

How to make data really secure.

1. Make disk drives that line the walls of a turbine tank that is full of water.

2. Store the data on a plastic card that doesn’t contain any metal. (All hail this technology)

3. Ensure that the only way to access it is by travelling through a long tube of water that has a built in metal-detector.

4. Install an escape hatch that opens out on to a sewer which just happens to have a portable defibrillator outside.

Gait Analyzer

Mission Impossible 5's Tech is More Like "Mission Implausible"

A retina-scanner, finger print analysis, various codes and keys and to add cherry on top we have a gait-analysing machine to access this hyper-secure area. While watching this movie there was only one word in my mind “WHY?”. The security contractor would have been like: “You know we can make it even extra secure if we just add this new insane security enhancer we came up with”

Sketch Facial MatchingMission Impossible 5's sketch scanner

Want a facial-recognition search of worldwide CCTV cameras using a hand-drawn sketch? MI5: “Done.”

Watching MI5 is like playing COD where we have loading sequences, in which the plot is outlined and then you watch as the characters pull it off in some impressive, tightly choreographed sequences. In short even if it is highly unrealistic you will still love it.

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