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Meera disappears from stage drama with Rs 0.7m

Looks like Meera gave stage drama Makhan Malaiyan the greatest slip in the middle of its run. The controversial actress left the show midway with Rs 0.7 million, claimed the director and producer of the play, Zawar Baloch.

Baloch claimed the controversy queen had signed a contract to act in the play during its run from October 9 to 14. “Before the run’s completion, she left her hotel without informing anyone,” he said. He shared the play had completed only four shows at the Starlet Theatre, adding that Meera had taken Rs0.5 million as the signing amount and the remaining Rs0.2 million upon reaching Multan.

“I shall go to the court against the contract violation,” he said. Baloch said tickets worth millions of rupees were returned and the entire project fell on its face due to her absence. The director said that when Meera had reached Multan, she was quarrelling with somebody over the phone and weeping bitterly.

He claimed to have overheard the conversation, which he said was between Meera and her alleged former husband Capt Naveed. “You have already eaten up $20,000 of mine. What more do you want?” Baloch quoted her as saying.

He further said he tried Meera’s phone repeatedly but she did not respond. A theatre official said tickets worth Rs0.1 million have been refunded because the audience lost interest in the drama with Meera’s departure.

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