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Malia Obama sparks controversy after her Rhodes Island visit

Malia Obama, the daughter of the sitting U.S President Barack Obama, is  trying to decide on a college to attend next fall, which means taking trips to various universities. The 17-year-olds visit to Brown University on Oct. 14 has since then sparked a lot of controversy. Malia was allegedly seen standing next to a beer pong table in a Snapchat video.

Beer pong involves players trying to throw table tennis balls into beer cups. Their opponents must drink the contents of the cup which the ball lands in. Even though Malia is not seen playing the game or drinking an alcoholic beverage, the video and images have still sparked a lot of controversy.

Several tweets from students at Brown started to pop up on the morning of Oct. 15, as Malia seemingly attended a party on campus the night before (adorably, the secret service reportedly waited outside while the eldest Obama daughter fraternized).

“Saw Malia Obama playing beer pong at a party last night. #Casual. The most casual thing I’ve ever seen,” read one tweet. Another said, “I should definitely tweet about the fact that Malia Obama was at a party on my floor last night.” One Twitter user got explicit, and wrote, “malia obama was taking shots and playing beer pong at a party last night LOL.”

In addition to the tweets, though, one party attendee managed to snap Malia in an alleged photo where she is standing next to a beer pong table– though never seen utilizing it.

At this point, we have no idea whether Malia had played the game nor consumed alcohol, however, if she were to have drank some beer at a college party, she certainly would be the first underage teenager to ever do so. Seriously, no 17-year-old has ever done that. None. Not a single one.

Do you think Malia was playing beer pong at the party? Or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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