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Mahira Khan gets uncomfortable while shooting with Shah Rukh Khan

Who wouldn’t want to get close with the king of romance Shahrukh Khan? Mahira Khan, apparently. The Pakistani actress has been reported to have gotten really uncomfortable while shooting for a scene with Shahrukh for the movie Raees. The actress got very restless recently while shooting for a romantic scene, where Shahrukh Khan was supposed to hold her hands and kiss her on her shoulder.

Talking about the same, a source told Bollywood Life, ”Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan were shooting a sweet romantic scene which needed the actor to come closer to her and hold her hand.” The source further added, ”He was also supposed to kiss the actress on her shoulder to show affection. But since the actress is from an industry which doesn’t believe in such proximity even when it is a romantic scene, the actress got a little jittery on the sets. But SRK like a sweetheart sat with her and tried to understand her discomfort.”

Shah Rukh is such a sweetheart! As for Mahira, we’d suggest her to go back to Pakistan and stay true to her roots instead of trying to fit in with the crowd that she clearly cannot keep up with.

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