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Kim Kardashian’s Ultimate Vanity Project

Contrary to popular belief, not everything Kardashian-Jenner do is on point.

There’s a good chance you didn’t hear about the release of Kim’s over hyped selfie book because it was a colossal flop. Kim has been trying hard to promote her book at signings and on social media. But despite her best effort, less than 1% of Kim’s 40 million Instagram followers have picked up the reality star’s 450-page ode to herself.

Sure, a normal person would have celebrated if their self-published first novel sold 32,000 copies, but this was a major release with an A-list celebrity and relentless marketing campaign behind it. So yeah, that was a big flop but if it’s any consolation at least Kim outsold the sci-fi novel Jenner sisters wrote last year.

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