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Kanye West is becoming a control freak!

We all know that Kanye West is one hell of a control freak but what’s this new ”rule” that we’ve been hearing about?

Apparently, the 38 year old American rapper has ordered her 34 year old wife, Kim Kardashian West to “never let her gaze leave the stage” when he is performing. An insider says he created the new rule after he caught the mother of his child texting during one of his concerts.

“Kanye was furious and told her how disrespectful it is to him as an artist,” the insider explains. “Kim’s now terrified to speak to someone when she’s in the audience.”

The insider jokes that, thanks to reality TV, Kim has become a master actress, adding, “It’s just another new law in a long list of rules, from Kim’s wardrobe, hair and body shape to who she can and can’t talk to. How long she’s going to put up with this is anyone’s guess.”

This isn’t really a big shocker, though. We all know that Kanye West has always been a little wippity-woppity in the head.

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