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Hair color trends for this fall

Coloring your hair to a right shade is an art only few people know. But we are here to help you whether you have blonde hair, red hair, or brown hair, there are hot new hair color for every shade this fall and winter.

Bronde (a combination of brown and blonde hair) are what celebs are gravitating to for fall. Want to jump on the bronde bandwagon too? If you already have the same base as Chrissy Teigen, it’s as simple as adding in highlights to give you the perfect blend. Look for terms like “light neutral brown” on at-home box kits, and then use a highlighting kit to add contrasting pieces all around your head.

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If you have light, medium, or dark blonde hair, look for terms like “lightest golden” on at-home box kits. If you hair is any darker than that, call up your favorite colorist for some assistance. Be a creamy blonde diva for this fall.

If you’re not ready to go dark for fall, but you don’t want your blonde to be as bright, take a cue from Beyoncé and go for a gorgeous honey-blonde hair color. Look for terms like “medium honey blonde” on at-home box kits.

beyonce and her hair color

If you’re having trouble parting from your strawberry-colored strands, go just a hint deeper than they were this summer. Look for terms like “golden red” or “rich, golden strawberry” on at-home box kits.

Red is fiery and vibrant and it’s perfect for fall. Look for terms like “cinnamon” and “copper” on at-home box kits and be the siren of 2015.

If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look — or go a little darker if you’re a blonde — opt for a light chestnut brown, like Jessica Alba’s shade. Look for terms like “light chestnut brown” or “medium brown with golden tones” on at-home box kits.


If you want a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, then go for a shade that’s part brown and part auburn.Look for terms like “deep brown/auburn” or “dark auburn” on at-home box kits.

Warm black hair color (aka Kim Kardashian’s signature hair hue) is less harsh than pure black, thanks to the hint of brown cast it gives off, so it flatters a range of skin tones. Look for terms like “soft black” on at-home box kits.

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