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Hair Color for Winters of 2015

We can simply not live without a good hair color in this age. The trends change almost every season. It can make or break your look. Better choices can make you look way younger you’re your age while bad choices can afflict on that part of the story. Obsessed with your hair are you? Well this here will be your style guide towards trends of hair color of winters 2015. And so we begin:

Sturdy Streaks

Ombré’s phase came and went away. Now there is a new trend in city. It is an inspiration from the 90’s this season. The hair shines more through the bold highlights in the hair and strong ribbons just like hair color trend back in the days of Cindy craw ford.

Baby lights

This hair color trend is devised by Jack Howard .the word “baby lights” mentions a procedure of painting highlights in small sections to impersonate the effect of a kid who devotes her time in reference to playing in the sun.

Soft Reds

The minor reddish Effect on the hair Just like Kate Middleton’s hair is the new popular hair color trend. This also includes shades and tints of deep red and copper color oriented shades on the hair but with a softer touch.

Deep Browns

Another hit trend is the deep brown shades applicable to all hair. This is something that never goes out of style.

Shades of blue

The touchups of blue color (various shades) are the new thing in hair color trend in 2015. This style is formulated by application of the hair color on the tail inches of the hair mostly up to 4 inches approx… This differs with personal choices of each hair color applicant.

Colored-Blocked Roots

This one there is for those who have an edge for daring. It includes application of darker or lighter shades of hair color on the roots to give it and color blocking effect. The choice of darker or lighter color depends on the color of the original hair. If it’s dark one should go lighter and vice versa.

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