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Filmaker Sangeeta get rids of Actress Sana for the next film

When an actress is at the top in Lollywood, throwing tantrums is part of some unknown tradition. Filmmaker Sangeeta thinks otherwise. Sangeeta has had enough of actress Sana’s reported tantrums as the former has finally put her foot down and axed the actor from her upcoming film, Tum Hei Tou Ho.

Sana was going to perform the bold item number Koi Mayi Ka Laal Hai Tou Saamne Aye in the film, which is currently being produced. Sources reveal Sana being absent from the shoot was the primary reason that Sangeeta decided to replace her with belly dancer Lucky Ali along with actors Mathira, Ghana and Maryam.

A crew member said the song was going to be shot at a beach in Karachi and the entire crew waited for Sana all day long but she never turned up. “She later said she was busy and that she needs a break, upon which Sangeeta apa decided to sideline her.”

Meanwhile, Sana maintains she is busy and that one cannot make everyone happy all the time. “Sangeeta is my senior and I will continue to respect her,” she said. According to Sangeeta, “Sana wanted a four-day break, a request I could not entertain.”

The filmmaker, who is known for her temper and strict outlook on the sets, feels the film will be up and ready within four months. This is not the first time Sangeeta has hit out at her actors. She has had face-offs with Nirma, Meera and Resham in the past. “I admit I am a little harsh at times, but I have made it a point not to compromise on my principles,” she stated.

But Sana had been the apple of Sangeeta’s eye and only a few months ago, she considered the film star for her project Ishq Positive. Over reasons best known to her, Sangeeta quit the film soon and diverted her energies towards Tum Hei Tou Ho, with Sana alongside her yet again.

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