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Fall nail colors and their styling

Fall is almost here and the changing season brings one of the most bland colors to trend. We have thought of whole fashion guideline for the fall trends and the first post of this series is about Autumn nail colors.

Switching from bright and vibrant summer hues to boring fall nail colors might be depressing but with this guide to the season’s best trend you will be counting down the days until the temperature drops.

Ash grey: Greys can be difficult in the sense that they are bland. Because the hue itself isn’t exciting or particularly eye popping, dark charcoal versions are the new neutral to complement your cozy sweater, boot and scarf look.


Orange: Bold oranges will pop against your fading tan and will add an autumnal hue to your basic apple-picking Instagram pics


Bronze: Metallics are in — it is as simple as that. The key to metallics is knowing how to subtly include the shine without overdoing it; nail polish allows you to accomplish just that.


Green: Green is an unexpected way to stand out from the crowd of dark nail polishes. Swipe on lighter shades in military colors for a brighter contrast to deep fall hues.

Fall nail colors


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