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Fall Jewellery Trends 2015

Last time we talked about the latest fall nail color trends and this time we have a post dedicated to fall jewellery trends around the world.

Chokers Round the Neck

It appears that the lovely fashion of chokers is back. Choker chains in gold also appeared in a slightly looser fashion adding a touch of futuristic sophistication to the outfits, particularly when the head was adorned with massive wigs. The choker looks also extend to more sculptural jewelry in the shape of twisted metal around the neck.

fall jewellery trends 2015

Breastplate Necklaces 

Making a statement wearing a powerful necklace is big for the fall and winter seasons and our favourite fashion designers show enough appealing options for us to fall in love with. We are head over heels in love with the golden breastplate necklaces resembling a big bird or an abstract motif.

fall jewellery trends 2015

Drop Earrings and Other Trendy Styles

Plated earrings in general are in, but when they come in dropped looks we pay extra attention for that draws the eyes to the side of the face, the shape of the ears and the gentle curve of the neck.


Geometric Jewelry Designs Hanging About

Geometric looks in general have been in, particularly when it comes to the fall 2015 handbags and the shoes. We’ve seen them appear all over the place and certainly are not surprised to see them take over the jewelry business as well, appearing as a necklace.


Lots of Pearls

Pearls are incredibly beautiful and can be both on the inexpensive side and really bank-breaking, depending on the quality of the pieces used. The man-made is cheapest, while the freshwater comes in second and the saltwater has its own categories, incredible products of nature that appear in different colors and textures and sizes all over the world.


Buckles and Cuffs on the Wrists

Going with the touch of punk look, perhaps even the bondage ideals that have appeared here and there, we see buckled cuffs appear on the runway shows to really spruce up the looks for fall jewellery trends.


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