Drishyam has a plot which piques our curiosity and a leading man retracting from the brink. Vijay is a ‘fourth class fail’ self-made orphan who has climbed his way up to a small cable business of his own in Goa village. He watches films with passion, often spending nights in front a screen. His wife and two daughters vie for his attention, and we see them do stuff that regular folk do. Into this idyll walks in a brash teenage boy with an unconscionable demand, and ruin stares them in the face. The disappearance of the boy who turns out to be the son of top cop Meera and the investigation that follows makes up for the rest of the film. The premise is engrossing enough, and there is enough of a pay-off when things gather steam, but the film tries our patience in the languid build-up.

How far can a man go to protect his family? Where does the line between right and wrong blur? And how does real-life and reel-life feed off each other? Watch how this film unravels the street-smartness of a near-illiterate man intent on protecting his family at any cost with a stinging twist to the tale.

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