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Concealer to make you look flawless

Nothing looks prettier than a flawless face with perfect foundation and just the right amount of concealer to keep those all nighters concealed (get it?). Believe it or not, but you may not even need a concealer. Your foundation or BB cream could be enough for covering blemishes. But if you’re looking to cover spots and pimples, you would want to pick a heavy coverage concealer. We have four steps to help you choose the right concealer

To cover dark circles and brighten the under-eye area, use a corrector, such as Bobbi Brown cream or liquid or Tarte Coloured Clay first. Over this, apply a brightening liquid concealer such as the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher. Also, don’t go too close to the eyes otherwise they will end up looking puffy.

Let’s keep this simple. If you’re wearing powder foundation, apply your creamy concealer before foundation to avoid streaky lines. If you’re wearing liquid/cream/gel foundation, you can apply the concealer under or over foundation. Just a piece of friendly advice — less is more with concealer as it is with many other things in life. Apply it to specific areas and avoid applying it too heavily on the same areas that have foundation underneath because this will add texture to the skin and make it look made-up.

Depending on how much you want to splurge and what value you place on a concealer, you could pick great products from Chanel, Dior and Cle de Peau. But there are many great budget options available as well, and some that lie in between the two. From the drugstore, Maybelline, Bourjois, L’Oréal and Collection have a great range. They’re not as long-lasting as the high-end ones, of course, but still serve the purpose. Concealers that are good all-rounders include the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. The Dior Star concealer is great choice as well. You can blend concealer with your fingers or do it with a brush.

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