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Pakistan’s Scrabble prodigy: History Created in Sri Lanka

Hasham Scrabble world record holder

Nine-year old Hasham Hadi Khan created a new world record by scoring an eye-popping 878 points against Matheesha De Silva of Sri Lanka in the 6th Sri Lanka International Scrabble Championship. According to the Guinness Book of world records the highest score ever recorded in a scrabble match was made …

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Pakistani Women: Green Energy Entrepreneurs

Pakistani women with solar lamps

As the sun sets and darkness falls over a village outside Bahawalpur, Shama Bibi switches on her solar lantern and starts sewing clothes for an upcoming family wedding. Bibi has recently become a “Light Lady”, one of the women that the Buksh Foundation, a non-profit organisation in Lahore, has trained to …

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Pakistan official associate member of CERN

cern makes pakistan official associate member

According to a statement from institute, Pakistan and CERN had signed a co-operation agreement in 1994. Signature and implementation of several protocols later, Pakistan was contributing to building the CMS and ATLAS experiments and is the 21st member of the research organisation. Today, Pakistan contributes to the ALICE and CMS experiments …

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“I Am Karachi” campaign

walls of karachi

Over several decades of political instability and strife, Karachi’s walls have become a battleground covered with bullet holes, slurs, threats, and various messages of hate. A group of Karachi-ites started a campaign called “I Am Karachi” to reclaim public spaces by promoting arts, sports, culture and dialogue. Their newest aim …

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Pakistani students win international debating competition

Pakistani students beat more than 200 competitors, win international debating competition

Three students from Pakistan out shined candidates from 45 different countries at the Karl Popper Debating Championship, which is one of the largest high school debating tournaments in the world. The Pakistani team won the entire competition after six preliminary rounds, three elimination rounds and a grand-final against South Korea. The …

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Pakistan’s first gold medal: Special Olympic 2015

Gold medal winner Asim zarr

Pakistani swimmer Asim Zar bagged country’s first gold medal at the 2015 Special Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA. Asim got the gold in the 100 metre Freestyle Division M14 aquatics competition clocking in a time of 00:02:29.56. The star athlete also won two silver medals in 400 metre race …

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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan


1. JEHAN ARA: Jehan Ara is the mastermind and president of Pakistan Software Houses Associations. The company collaborates with companies within and beyond borders to provide its clients with the best software products and services available. She is an entrepreneur, motivator and writer for various industrial publications. 2. RABIA GARIB: Rabia …

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