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Creating companies offshore is not criminal

ISLAMABAD: Remember WikiLeaks? Some of the documents were about Pakistani politicians and establishment. Nothing transpired because the hurt was not limited to politicians. The Panama Papers, on the other hand, has singled out politicians so far. This has had several effects. One, if the gates of investigations are opened wide, …

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Pak, India foreign secretaries meet in New Delhi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry will formally meet his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar in New Delhi tomorrow (Tuesday). Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry is visiting India to attend ‘Heart of Asia’ conference. According to Indian media reports, Pakistan and Indian foreign secretaries will discuss bilateral ties besides resumption of dialogues suspended …

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Diary of Mustafa Kamal

This is Karachi’s one and only true mayor: the mayor eternal. I was born Karachi’s mayor and, by God, I will die Karachi’s mayor. Fate brings strange twists in our lives, even stranger than my cowlick. I was once a RAW agent, recruited by that evil man in England and …

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A bad Software Gives New Life

More than 3,200 US prisoners have been released early because of a software glitch. The bug miscalculated the sentence reductions prisoners in Washington state had received for good behaviour. It was introduced in 2002 as part of an update that followed a court ruling about applying good behaviour credits. State …

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