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Amber Rose to leave country if Kanye 2020 happens

Not many people are supportive of the idea of Kanye West’s presidency of the United States and Amber Rose has fleeing the country planned out if the rapper successfully gets elected.

Amber Rose doesn’t think Kanye West, being the commander in chief of the United States, is a good idea. While the mother of one isn’t one to tell someone what they can or cannot do,  Amber will be on the first plane out of the U.S. if Yeezy government takes over.

Poor Yeezy! He does not have Amber’s support when he will run for president.

“Amber thinks Kanye’s a joke and looked like the biggest fool saying he’s running for President. But Amber’s not the one to say things won’t or can’t happen,” said an insider, “Anything is possible, that’s a motto she lives by. If that man were to become President, Amber would leave the county in a heartbeat until he’s out of office.”

The 31-year-old believes Kanye doesn’t have the right attitude or characteristics of a future president. Talk about being harsh when the guy wants to be loved by all. Maybe she cannot bear to see the face of former boyfriend on national television everyday. Let’s see what will happen in 2020.

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