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Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead

An earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude was witnessed by Afghanistan-Pakistan. yesterday which has left up to hundreds dead and many more injured. The death toll is said to rise. Tremors were also felt in India and North Tajikistan.

The Pakistan army has taken preventive measures and is on the roll to provide urgent services for the people affected by the earthquake.  Pakistan army has also dispatched aircraft, road clearing teams and rescuers to some of the country’s most isolated valleys on Tuesday in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that killed 311 people in the region. A surveillance flight was ordered into the air to assess damage caused by the magnitude 7.5 quake in neighbouring Afghanistan, whilst a C-130 transport plane loaded with rations, ready meals, tents and blankets was dispatched to Chitral, a far-flung former princely state that was especially badly hit.

In Pakistan, the death toll has risen to at least 214, in the northern mountainous areas.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province alone, authorities said at least 179 people were known to have died, and more than 1,800 were injured.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is cutting short a visit abroad and returning home.
Sunnatullah Timour, a spokesman for the governor of the Afghan province of Takhar, told the BBC that as well as the fatalities at the girls’ school, another 25 students were injured in the stampede.
Deaths and injuries have also been reported in the Afghan provinces of Nangarhar, Badakhshan and Kunar, with at least 52 killed in total. At least 12 of the victims were Afghan schoolgirls killed in a crush as they tried to get out of their building.

International aid is being dispatched by foreign countries for the earthquake affectees. Meanwhile, the Pakistan army has shown commendable performance in providing assistance for relief and clearing the aftermath messes left by the massive earthquake.

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