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5 types of men who make great husbands

It’s hard to form an impression of someone during your first meet, let alone figure out if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. But before signing those nikkah papers, there are a few things a woman should look for in a man when seeking a great husband.

1. The Provider:

For him, family comes first. He’s selfless and will go to great lengths to make sure the people he loves are always happy and their needs are met before his. He is willing to work two jobs if need be and guards his savings with his life. He is a perfectionist at work and at home. He is willing to sacrifice family time and put in extra hours at work if it means a better life for his family. He does however believe in maintaining a work-life balance.

Why he’ll make a good husband: He understands the need to provide for a family and will go to great lengths to ensure that his family is taken care of in all regards. When you start a family you two will share the same goals. Even when things fall apart, marrying a natural-born provider will prove worthwhile in the long run.

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2. The Rock:

At your weakest, he’ll give you strength and help you push through. He’s the kind of man who has been through pain and frustration but also knows how to pull out of it. He will always be by your side when you need someone.

Why he’ll make a good husband: He’s the pillar you need when things so spiraling down. He’s loyal and you can count on him through thick and thin.

3. The Critical Thinker:

You can bet that if you give him a problem he’ll give you the quickest and easiest possible solution to it. He’s always thinking of better, more effective ways to get the job done. He’s diligent and focused and when presented with a problem, he’ll have a myriad of solutions ready to execute. He’ll always calculate the pros and cons of things and weigh the outcome before making a hasty decision.

Why he’ll make a good husband: Marriage comes with its fair share of problems, and while you may not always be equipped to deal with everything thrown at you, this kind of guy will help reel you out of problems. Better yet, the two of you can solve those issues together.

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4. The Believer:

This man has his faith no matter what happens. His world may come crashing down or the ground may crumble under his feet, but this man will still believe — his faith is his foundation.

In times of need he turns to his faith, that’s what gets him going through the good and the bad. He is a God-fearing man and his moral compass always points due north, and he is always eager to help others in need.

Why he’ll make a good husband: He’s a fighter, he will stick by you and will be there to provide emotional support. He will fight for your marriage even when you give up on it.

5. The Free Spirit:

He is care-free and won’t let stress and worry consume him. He is passionate about everything he does and is fun to be around. His spontaneous and jovial manner easily wins hearts and there is never a dull moment around him. He is usually the life of the party.

Why he’ll make a good husband: He will keep your life exciting and fun. Many people dread falling victim to a boring marriage later on in life, but you won’t have to worry about that with this type of man.


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