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  • Leia - The future of holograms

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    The Leia display system is set to make holographic video calls a reality.

  • Princess Leia-Style Holograms

  • Leia Display System

    LDS are the devices that allows to display images in mid air. This unique technology makes possible to walk through the image, touch it or interact with it.

3D Dashboard

What can be better than an awesome car? An awesome car with a 3D dashboard of course!

Now to get such futuristic ride we need to keep our hopes high on a startup called Leia, which is right now working on a 5.5-inch screen that can display holograms. Founder and CEO David Fattal hopes that Leia’s displays will eventually be used in a variety of electronics such as smart watches, phones, appliances you name it. With reconfigurable 3D buttons or 3D chats with another person, Leia will revolutionize the whole industry by 2017 according to Fattal.

The company is also planning to get developers acquainted with its technology by taking orders, in September, for a developer kit that will include the smaller-sized display for showing holographic images and videos. The plug-able display will be monochrome and it will include an accelerometer, gyroscope, and hover-touch capability for manipulating on-screen images.

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